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Where to Find Temporary Health Insurance VA

For some residents who are looking for health insurance VA, a temporary plan is often their best choice for a variety of reasons, such as when they're between jobs or waiting for permanent coverage to begin.

A temporary health plan is often referred to as a short-term policy. The length of the policy will depend on the insurance company and specific plan. Many of them last for six months, but you may be able to find shorter and longer terms.

Be aware that temporary health insurance VA plans typically won't include doctors' visits, vision and dental coverage, checkups, and preventive care. Also, if you enrol in a temporary plan you won't be eligible for guaranteed-issue Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) plans. Since the coverage is somewhat limited, you'll find that short-term policies are usually more affordable than traditional health insurance plans.

Some people are eligible for COBRA insurance when between jobs, but often find the premiums are hard to meet due to the costs. This is when a short-term plan may be a good option. Most of the temporary policies are fee-for-service or indemnity plans. They usually provide coverage for prescription drugs, emergency care, ambulance, intensive care, x-rays and lab expenses, and certain hospital and home care.

When it comes to the cost of a temporary health plan, the premiums are usually lower than traditional options, but the coinsurance and deductibles are often higher. Generally, the out-of-pocket costs and deductibles will be higher the lower the premiums are. Many plans will pay 80 per cent of your costs after the deductible has been reached. You can often save some money by paying your premiums all at once as you won't have to cover monthly administration fees.

You may find that temporary health insurance VA plans can be bought quite easily over the internet. However, if you'd like specific information on all of the plans available to you and what they do and don't cover please get in touch with us at IFS Health Insurance and Financial Services. We can be reached at 1-866-748-4200 for free advice and assistance regarding many types of health insurance plans.

We work as an independent Anthem agency and our licensed representatives will be able to evaluate your health insurance needs and recommend the best plan to suit them. We'll explain how they all work and what services and procedures they offer. We can also find the most competitive rates available for your specific type of insurance plan. You're also welcome to visit us online at to try out our free, instant health quote engine.