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Where to Find Information on VA Health Insurance Group and Self-Employed Plans

Many Virginia residents are fortunate enough to purchase affordable health insurance from their employers via group health plans. These plans are typically available in all states, but there are specific laws, rules, and regulations regarding them in each state. This is also the case with self-employed health insurance.

These types of VA health insurance plans are usually easier to qualify for when compared to individual insurance policies, mainly because you can't be turned down due to a pre-existing medical condition. In Virginia, the law requires health insurance providers to seal group health plans to all small businesses or organizations as long as they have between two and 50 members. Also, two state-standardized group plans must also be offered.

If a policy is made available to any group in the state, the insurance carrier must offer it to all other eligible groups. However, health insurers in Virginia are allowed to mandate a minimum participation requirement prior to providing a group plan. This means that a specific percentage of members or employees need to enroll in the health plan. In addition, the insurance companies could also request that an employer has to contribute a certain amount to the employees' premiums.

The cost of VA health insurance for groups is based on the health risk of the group among other things. But once your group has coverage, it can't be canceled if one of the members becomes ill. When it comes to self-employed health insurance, the laws also vary from state to state. In Virginia, self-employed people aren't allowed to buy a group health plan if there aren't any other employees. This means self-employed people need to purchase an individual plan. However, a certain percentage of the annual premiums are tax deductible when buying an individual policy.

If you'd like more information about VA health insurance as well as self-employed and group options, it's recommended that you speak with a licensed insurance agent or the Virginia Bureau of Insurance. For free, personal assistance from an agent, please feel free to get in touch with us at IFS Health Insurance and Financial Services at your convenience. We can be reached by calling toll-free at 1-866-748-4200 as well as online at

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