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Where to Find Group Health Insurance Virginia at a Low Rate

Group health insurance Virginia is quite popular with many businesses. It enables them to offer their employees quality health insurance at affordable rates. Most employers pay a part of the premium while the members of the group also chip in and pay their share. Group health insurance benefits are ideal compensation packages for most small businesses.

However, you don't have to own a business or company to be eligible for group health insurance Virginia. Just about any type of small group or organization that has between two and 50 members will usually qualify for a group plan. This type of health insurance is generally more affordable than buying an individual plan.

A group health plan offers coverage with the premium rates being calculated for the entire group instead of individually. Many plans allow members to add coverage to make it suit their personal health care needs. For instance, you may be able to add or turn down vision and/or dental coverage, but the basics of the policy will be the same for everybody.

You'll find there are several types of group insurance plans on the market, such as POS (point of service), HMO (health maintenance organization), PPO (preferred provider organization), and fee-for-service. Indemnity plans are available, but managed-care group plans are generally more affordable and common.

The premiums will vary depending on the insurance company and the state you live in. some of the factors that are taken into consideration when calculating rates include the members' health status, age, location, occupational hazard, gender, and tobacco use. Employees aren't obligated to join a group plan, but there has to be at least two members on the policy.

Because there are several options when it comes to group health insurance Virginia, as well as rules and regulations, it's a good idea to speak with a licensed insurance agency to find out all of the important details. If you'd like more information and free guidance please contact one of our agents at IFS Health Insurance and Financial Services by calling us at 1-866-748-4200.

Our agency can help all types of businesses find a suitable plan for their needs. We operate as an independent agent for the Anthem insurance company and will gladly help you find the plan that benefits you and your employees the most. You'll be able to compare the options and choose the one you feel works the best for your situation. You're also invited to visit us at to browse for free, instant online quotes.