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Insurance Plans of Virginia

There are many different insurance plans of Virginia which type of plan you need to secure is completely relative to your life stage and how much coverage you need! There are different types of insurance for different lifestages.

Your main goal when shopping for health insurance is that you choose a plan that you can afford but more importantly that provides you coverage that you can count on. The first step in finding a plan that you can rely on is understanding where you stand in the process!

Group Plans

Group plans are typically secured by employers for their employees (soon this will be mandatory under the new health insurance laws). There are other cases where group insurance plans may also be ideal. Any group can benefit from banding together and purchasing group health insurance.

Group plans offer coverage for small and large groups. They can be offered through HMO plans, PPO plans and non HMO options. Discussing your options under this umbrella with an agent at is an easy way to get the information you need.

Individual Plans

If you are not covered through your employer or you are in between jobs and need coverage for just you than you should be looking at individual plan options. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers some of the most flexible affordable plans in VA.

Individual plans come in many different options from complete comprehensive coverage to temporary coverage that will provide you with a bridge between the time you lose coverage to the time you can regain more permanent coverage.

Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are 64 years and 9 months you are eligible for Medicare. Medicare is a government backed health insurance plan that is offered to American citizens that are age 64 and 9 months or permanently disabled. The new Medicare laws have opened up options like choosing Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans from private providers like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you need help unraveling any of the information you can get the answers you need at! Get free quotes for any of the health insurance plans of Virginia at today!