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Find Useful Information on Blue Cross Blue Shield VA Health Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSA) is made up of close to 40 separate health insurance companies and organizations. The Blue Shield history can be traced back to 1939 while the roots of Blue Cross go back even further to 1929. The two health associations joined forces back in 1982 and the insurance company is now one of the largest in America.

The two companies developed separately as Blue Cross offered hospital service coverage and Blue Shield proved doctors' service coverage. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield VA is one of the largest insurance carriers in the state and offers a variety of health plans for a wide range of people and budgets. You'll find the company also offers life, vision, and dental insurance as well as Medicare options for those who are eligible.

One of the Blue Cross Blue Shield VA options is a HSA (health savings account). This concept gives you more control when it comes to your medical costs. A HSA offers tax benefits and is used in conjunction with a qualified HDHP (high deductible health plan). The HDHP offers lower monthly premiums because the deductibles are higher.

The money that goes into a HSA is tax deductible and can be used to pay your qualified medical expenses. Any money that isn't used is simply left in the account and keeps rolling over from year to year. It accrues interest and is also tax free when used to pay qualified medical bills. The money can be used to help pay off the deductible and then your health plan will start contributing to your costs.

However, be aware that you must belong to a HDHP in order to open a HSA. There are several other rules and regulations concerning these types of accounts. For some people they may be quite straightforward, but to others they can be quite confusing. It's always a good idea to get free assistance and guidance from a licensed health insurance agency when looking to purchase any type of Blue Cross Blue Shield VA plan.

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