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Exclusions are Included in Individual Health Insurance Virginia

When you're in the market for individual health insurance Virginia, it's just as important to know what your policy doesn't include as well as what it does cover. Some health plans have exclusions, which are services that aren't covered. If your plan has too many of them, you'll need to decide if it still meets all of your health care requirements.

It's a good idea to carefully look over all policies before committing to one and make a list of services and procedures that aren't covered. You should also check out the definitions page in the plan since some exclusions could be hidden in there. This is because a health insurance company may define a specific word differently than what you take to be its common definition.

For example, to you, the word emergency may mean a situation that requires immediate medical attention. However, the insurer may use the word to mean a life threatening condition. Therefore, a broken leg wouldn't be considered an emergency under the wording of the policy since it's likely not life threatening and you may have to wait for treatment.

There are several important words or phrases that you should have clarified to you if you don't fully understand them. These are pre-existing condition, accidental injury, medically necessary, medical emergency, pre-certification, investigational, reasonable and customary, and experimental. The insurance company may interpret these words differently than you and this could lead to confusion.

It's also important to know how the health plan operates and what procedures need to be followed when receiving health care. For example, some individual health insurance Virginia plans may require you to get approval from a primary care physician when emergency treatment is needed.

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